Supply Chain Management
Heper Metal, which has a rich and comprehensive supplier portfolio, adds value to companies in service and goods procurement processes. While managing the purchasing processes to meet the needs and demands of the company, it provides alternative products and services in a way that contributes to the development of supplier companies.
The Company takes care to work with suppliers who care about environmental sustainability and take action on this issue.
Since sustainability in procurement is vital for production, risk analyses are carried out and action plans are prepared by constantly contacting suppliers.
Supplier performances are systematically evaluated according to supplier evaluation criteria and classified according to their scores. With the results obtained, the supplier class and the degree of risk are determined. Within the defined categories, actions such as continuing to work with the supplier company, planning improvements, issuing written and verbal warnings within the scope of the risk they pose, and not working with the supplier company are planned.
Sustainability and Operational Efficiency in Production
Within the scope of investment projects for sustainability in production, state-of-the-art production techniques are used that will provide high efficiency by replacing old technologies with new ones. High-tech furnaces save the cost of raw materials and fuel use. With the investments made, not only production continuity is ensured, but also the optimization that affects the stakeholders is achieved through improvement projects in the existing processes.