Environmental Management System
Heper Metal believes that its production processes can be carried out with environmental awareness, efficient resource use and recycling, and continues to improve its environmental performance day by day in this direction.
It aims to increase efficiency in the use of natural resources and energy resources, reduce waste and act in accordance with recycling in all areas of its activities.
Heper Metal consists of environmental policy components; implementing the least wasteful technologies, using raw materials effectively and efficiently, reducing wastes at their source, collecting and eliminating them and improving recycling.
Energy Management
Within the scope of Heper Metal management systems policy, it aims to implement technological innovations that increase energy efficiency, minimize energy losses and use energy in the most efficient way by using the by-products used for production.
Biodiversity is one of the key issues for sustainable development, which is the most important factor for companies that operate based on production and have large production volumes.
In this context, Heper Metal continues its efforts to prevent the destruction of habitats in the regions where it operates in order to protect the ecosystem, including human beings, and to prevent the living creatures from being adversely affected, and to protect its habitat.