The goal of Human Resources Management, which is one of the departments that Heper Metal cares about, is to develop HR strategies that support the company's vision. In addition, providing the teammates needed in order to achieve corporate goals and creating efficient working environments are among its main goals.
In line with these goals, our human resources include talented employees who comply with the corporate values and the requirements of the job description, within Heper Metal; provides training investments in order to develop the competencies and leadership skills of employees; works to keep their motivation and commitment to the company at the highest level; improves their performance with feedback-based evaluation systems.
Heper Metal has a corporate structure that aims to work for many years with well-educated, experienced teammates or new graduates who are open to learning. Employees who complete every task they undertake, focus on production under all conditions including intense work tempo, and adopt honesty, respect for their teammates and reliability as a principle, always have a place in the Heper Metal family.
Heper Metal evaluates the applications on the form filled in at www.hepermetal.com\ik or on your resume that you send to ik@hepermetal.com.
Applications for Heper Metal ads on career sites are carefully examined by our human resources department. Interviews are provided with the candidates most suitable for the task definition, while other applications are archived in the resume pool. Any information you share with us is carefully stored under the assurance of Heper Metal.
Our relevant department notifies the applicants with positive results by phone call.
Candidate or candidates who are most suitable for the corporate identity of Heper Metal, whose evaluations have been completed, become a member of the Heper Metal family after first receiving an verbal and then written job offer. New members receive basic job security and general orientation training on the first day they start work after preparing their entry documents. After this training, the team member starts working at the new mission site. Thanks to the information given beforehand, the new team member is recognized by the personnel within the company before they start work. The orientation process is completed in an estimated month. Thanks to Heper Metal's friendly employees who do not hesitate to share their knowledge, this process may take much less time.
Customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of Heper metal's corporate identity. In order to meet the demands of its customers in Turkey and in different parts of the world, and to ensure their satisfaction, Heper Metal launches continuous, developing, renewed, quality products to the market.
At the forefront of Heper Metal's corporate identity and values are its employees. Heper Metal acts very responsibly in matters such as occupational safety, training and development of its employees. It takes care to strike a balance between its employees spending their working hours productively and allocating time to their private lives.
Heper Metal, which has adopted the principle of working with each of its members and business partners for many years, prioritizes loyalty and reliability and believes that reliable employees bring with them a reliable and high-quality production process.
Heper Metal prefers to be a company that respects people, the environment and society, and that has responsibilities, as well as being an institution that abides by the law and respects institutions. It takes care to conduct an honest and transparent communication with its stakeholders.